6 terrifying animals that are actually harmless



Nature is filled with many species of plants and animals, which is why it is so special and rich. Not all species are equally beautiful, and we may be afraid of some that are passive but give us goosebumps.

The following animals are considered more dangerous than scary.

Matamata turtle


This turtle species can be found on Guyana, Brazil and Venezuela, as well as the island of Trinidad. It prefers freshwater and muddy, humid areas.

Although it looks a bit scary and is called “kill kill” in Portuguese, its behavior is quite benign. It eats small insects, crustaceans and fish.

Virginia Deacrisia

This moth is covered in white fur from head to tail, making it appear poisonous. This species is found only in North America and eats herbaceous shrubs and plants.

Although some people might have mild allergies to her hair she rarely touches men.

Star condylure (Condylura cristata)

This mammal is about the same size as a hamster and also known as a star-nosed mouse. It has very poor eyesight but its hearing ability and sense of smell is excellent.

This Condylure can be found in Canada’s extreme Northeast, in areas that are wet and marshy.

Its 22 tentacle-covered legs are what distinguish it. These help it find insects and select the right food for it. This species is not dangerous and will not harm humans if it happens to be in your path.


This fish-eating crocodile is part of the reptile family and lives in northern India.

It can weigh 680 kg and is usually between 3.6 to 5m in height. It is a formidable beast, but it is not dangerous because it mostly eats fish due to its narrow jaw.