Here are the 10 most smart animals



Here are the 10 most intelligent animals

The octopus is considered the most intelligent invertebrate. It has a large brain that, like ours, is composed of two parts. They can use tools and devise complex strategies to protect themselves or hide from danger.

They can also be playful and have been seen playing soccer. This beautiful story about a diver and an Octopus, which was the subject a documentary, shows that they can recognize one another.


Pigs are not only the closest genetically to humans; they are also among the most intelligent, social and sociable animals on Earth.

Science has shown that these individuals have a great long-term memory and can understand symbolic language. They also have the concept of time and are able remember the past and predict the future.

They are social and can distinguish between species and individuals.

They can also show empathy and feel emotions. Each one has a unique personality.

They are also able to create schemes to fool other people, which shows that they can put themselves in the shoes of others.

Although birds are generally intelligent, crows stand out for their intelligence in many ways. Crows are the only vertebrates, other than primates, capable of creating and using tools. One famous study showed that a crow can grab a piece of metal wire and bend it with the edge on a table to form a hook. This allows them to retrieve fruit that were previously unobtainable. Surprisingly, crows can teach their young techniques.

They can also recognize faces and exchange complex concepts with others, as well as imagine the future.

Scientists believe that the intelligence of an adult Crow is comparable to that of a child seven years old.

Recent research has shown that pigeons can understand concepts such as time and space.

According to Edward Wasserman (United States), a professor of experimental psychology at Iowa (United States), and the author of a paper on the subject published in Current Biology, “The cognitive ability of birds is even more similar to that of humans or great apes.” He said that the avian nervous system is much more powerful than what the pejorative “having a bird’s brain” implies.

Another study found that the density of neurons in a pigeon’s brain is six times greater than that of a human brain. Information can be processed quicker because the average distance between two nerve cells in a pigeon is half that between two neurons in a human.

We often think of the cow only as a milk-producing animal, but we forget that it is intelligent and social.

Research has shown that cows can activate complex mechanisms to get food, such as pulling a latch with the tongue to open a gate or pulling a latch with the tongue. Dr.