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Why is progressive education so important for kids now more than ever ?



Adults struggle with sudden and large-scale changes. It’s easy to wonder how these shifts affect children.

We are currently faced with a rapidly changing world.

Our world is changing and we need to be able to adapt to it. There is a growing demand for an education system that puts children at the heart of learning and prepares them for the future.



It builds mental agility and resilience

In a world that is constantly evolving Resilience is essential to survive and flourishing. Education should not protect children from struggles and challenges but should encourage children out of their comfort zone. Progressive schools deploy problem-solving-based learning, which stirs kids to explore, try and experiment even if it results in failure. Being able to face their fears and mistakes while battling in a constructive and positive manner helps them develop mental strength. Continuous learning and growth from failure , and constantly adapting and responding to the challenges sharpens their mental ability.

Promotes collaboration and teamwork

No matter what field you are in, teamwork is essential to success.

Encourages creativity and ingenuity

Innovativeness and creativity are what separates the most successful entrepreneurs and businesses.

Provides in-depth information

Without clarity and understanding of concepts, students struggle to understand the meaning behind the material they are learning.

Develops communication & listening skills

Communication is key to success in today’s workplace. Children learn to communicate effectively with others and build their listening skills.

Parting Thoughts

Progressive schools have the unique ability to teach a new generation in a changing world. The latest education can offer a place that sparks creativity, builds meaningful connections, and helps students to tackle every challenge.